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Transportation for the majority of us in British Columbia begins on the highway. At some point in our daily routine we all end up as motorists or as passengers in a motor vehicle. Airports, ferry terminals, train stations are all accessed by roads. Even transit systems rely on the road and highway corridors. At we priorize the Road Report News, Border Delays, BC Traffic and BC Weather. Use our BC Travel Guide for Air Travel News, BC airport Flight Status , Ferry News and more...

Road Report News

On the web since April 1 1996 and continuing to provide our clients with greater access to publicly available information. We acknowledge the work of a variety of government agencies, private companies and volunteer services who make BC Highway conditions including Border delays and the traffic and road condition weather cameras available for our 'News' services. Continue to the Road Reports | Road report News Feeds | Mobi Road Reports (formatted for viewing on a iphone browser or other mobile device)

More than 1 million return visitors trust the Transportation News content that we aggregate, format and publish and return to this site thoughout each year. "'' provides NEWS connections to keep you informed.

Canada USA Border Delays

There are several border crossings that connect to USA highway routes. When traveling to the United States from British Columbia there are seven Border Crossings to chose from depending on your location of entry to or departure from in BC Canada. Nexus cardholders traveling by car may use 2 border crossings in the Lower Mainland see this page for more information on crossing the border with Nexus . Continue to USA / Canada Border Crossing Conditions News

Weather Forecast Information

Access to the weather forecasts are particularly useful when planning a trip through British Columbia expecially during the winter months. Our weather page has a list of town and city names linking to the Weather Networks weather information for the selected area. British Columbia weather information and forecasts.

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