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Chelsea Morgan found our American Express page at bchighway using Google search. She wrote wrote to us and asked this question!

Hello, I'm an air miles collector and I have a Air Miles collector card. Where can I collect Air Mile rewards while driving around the Province of BC?

Hi Chelsea

Thanks for emailing us. Hope you don't mind us sharing your question with our subscribers. It's a great question and I'm sure that others have wondered the same thing. Logging into the Air Miles website you can research all the companies that offer Air Mile rewards. We went through the lists for BC and tried to report on the services relevant to someone driving through the province. Of course we are loyal to promoting the use of an American Express Air Miles credit card while traveling BC highway destinations. If you don't have one you can  apply online for one by visiting our Amex partner. Don't forget American Express is accepted without question at BC Government offices, the Coquihalla toll plaza and BC Ferries for both ferry fares and onboard restaurants and services. Here is our research.




Auto Repairs

Car Rentals



Safeway - various locations almost every city All Shell Gas Stations Fairmont Hotels


Auto Parts Plus National  WestJet - but you must book online Petsmart 
Boston Pizza - almost every city/ town  has one Shell Turbo Holiday Inn Goodyear Alamo  -because we all know that sometimes our pet needs special attention when we are on the road
Safeway Gas Holiday Inn Express Fountain Tire
Payless Gas Westin Hotel Speedy Glass

Hope that helps Chelsea. Oh and by the way you can apply for your Amex Air Miles (new Platinum) Credit Card here. APPLY, or read more about the card.  Amex-Canada

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