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This section of bchighway is devoted to financial services for BC Canadians. The reason it's here follows many requests for BC travel advice, financing travel, students relocating to BC and needing advice about paying for university, student credit cards etc. We will try to cover off as many relevant financial topics pertaining to BC Canada as possible. This financial news section is growing all the time so please check back often.

Canadian Credit Cards

There are so many credit cards these days aren't there? At we report on the canadian credit cards that we like best. Of course being a travel website we are bias to Canadian travel rewards credit cards. All in all there are many rewards type cards. Read about the American Express Air Miles Card, student credit cards - Canada and credit cards offered by MBNA Mastercard and Peoples Trust secured credit card Canada .

Canadian Credit Report

Buying Stocks

The setting of objectives may be the single most important part of financial planning. Most of us tent to life from Day-to-Day with only a smudge of thought on where we are going or what we want out of our lives. If we continue to live this way I can assure you that we will never have the sense of fulfillment or the experiences that we hope for in life and we will never be in control of or lives or achieve financial security. We have to make an effort to identify what we really want in life, set goals, and work toward a sense of purpose and irection. By properly managing your money, investing for income and setting financial objectives you will need to evaluate the trade offs  between your short term and long term goals. Investigate the various alternatives you have for your financial resources, and decide which alternatives are best for you and your children. Teach your children and grandchildren about stock investment at an early age.

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