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Yes and you can purchase oneshare of stock and start building your portfolio today! Buy one share investments for your grandchildren, as a gift. Or for someone special. This offer is open to all Canadians.


Yes Canadians can buy one share of Disney Stock! from the Oneshare Stock Brokers.

You can start off your grandchildren's portfolio buy buying them one share of stock. This is real stock, that they will receive the company dividend if declared, and some stock qualifies for a dividend reinvestment program which means that their stock shares will grow over time.

With few exceptions, stocks pay their dividends quarterly. But the payout
months vary from company to company. That means you can arrange your investments so that you get some dividend income every month. In fact, a portfolio of as few as 3 stocks can give you a monthly income from dividends. Whether you are investing for income, growth, or some balance between the two, experts will advise you to include at least 5 stocks in your portfolio.

You should of course diversify among the 5 main sectors of the economy. However you may want to exclude the two more volatile and cyclical sectors, resources and manufacturing, and instead concentrate on consumer, financial and utility stocks. But above all, stick generally with issues from Key Stocks. Concentrate your holdings in stocks from your stock brokers list of highest quality rated. Conservative and very conservative.

Here are the top Selling Companies that allow purchase of a single share of

  • Disney
  • Dreamworks
  • Harley Davidson
  • Starbucks
  • Apple
  • Coca Cola
  • McDonalds
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft

After all, receiving some dividends each month will bring little long term satisfaction or security if stocks you own cut or omit their dividends. That can happen in any company, of course. But its a greater risk in manufacturing and resources, as well as in stocks of average or lower quality.

Firms in the resource or manufacturing center are cyclical, and they may raise and lower their dividends erratically. You may be better off in the long run investing in companies that pay less, but increase their dividends each year. Stock brokers will tell you that earnings of cyclical companies are apt to rise these next few years, as the economy recovers. They tend to rise and fall with struggles and economic success in the markets. However investors generally find that when designing a portfolio, it pays to put high investment quality and sound diversification first. Only then should you begin to let your predictions play a role in stock selection. Income seeking investors should pay even less attention to predictions.

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