Shoppers Optimum MasterCard

The Shoppers Optimum MasterCard is a great rewards credit card opportunity. Apply online here for this Canadian credit card with rewards. The card is available in a variety of colors including blue, silver, green, red or lavender. Here are a couple of examples.

Shoppers MasterCard® credit card
  • Earn 25 points for every $1 in purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart using your Shoppers Optimum MasterCard® when you show your Shoppers Optimum Card®
  • No Annual Fee
  • 1.99% Introductory Annual Interest Rate† on Cheque Cash Advances and Balance Transfers* for 6 months
  • Feel secure with around-the-clock fraud protection
  • Enjoy free online access to your credit card account
  • 19.99% Annual Interest Rate on Purchases and 19.99% Annual Interest Rate on Cash Advances
  • Access unparalleled 24-hour customer service
  • Apply Now!

Annual Interest Rates

Introductory Rate

Standard Rate

The following interest rates will apply on the day your account is opened:

† Promotional rate on balance transfers (including cheque cash advances): 1.99% for your first six billing cycles that post to your Account within 120 days of your Account opening. This rate may increase earlier to your standard rate if you:

Make a late payment; or Go over your credit limit.
Following the promotional period, the standard annual interest rate for balance transfers will apply to new and then outstanding balances.

Purchases: 19.99%.
Balance transfers (including cheque cash advances): 19.99%.
Cash advances (including cash equivalents): 19.99%.

Interest-free Grace Period You will have an interest-free grace period on new purchases of at least 21 days if you pay in full the balance shown on your statement by the due date.

There is no interest-free grace period for balance transfers, cash advances or cash equivalent transactions.
Minimum Payment Your minimum payment will be the sum of the current payment due plus the past due amount subject to a minimum of $15. The current payment due will be the sum of:
(1) 1% of your balance (excluding any new interest charges); plus (2) all new interest charges. If your balance is less than $15, the minimum payment will equal the balance.
Foreign Currency Conversion We will bill you for all transactions in Canadian dollars. Any transaction made in a foreign currency will be converted to Canadian dollars using the currency conversion rate established by MasterCard that is in effect on the date that we process the transaction. This conversion rate reflects the fee retained by MasterCard as a cost of performing the conversion service. In addition to the conversion rate, we will charge you a fee of 2.5% of the transaction amount after it has been converted.

Annual Fees None

If there is an annual fee, it will be charged on your first statement and annually thereafter on your anniversary date.
Other Fees

Transaction Fees

Account Fees

To be charged on the day the transaction or event occurs:
Cash advance (including automated teller machine and over the counter advances): 1% of amount advanced (minimum fee of $7.50)
Balance transfer (including cheque cash advances): 1% of amount transferred or advanced (minimum fee of $7.50)
Cash equivalents: 1% of amount purchased (minimum fee of $7.50)
Wire transfer: 1% of wire purchase amount (minimum fee of $7.50)

Over the credit limit: $35.00 per billing cycle
Returned payment: $20.00 per occurrence
Returned cheque cash advance: $20.00 per occurrence
Extra copy of monthly statement or sales draft: $2.50
Inactive credit balance: If your account is inactive and has a credit balance, we will charge you annually the lesser of: (1) the credit balance; or (2) $25