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Student credit cards are a wonderful tool for teaching young people how to become financially responsible. And the earlier they start, the sooner they learn. So when high school student credit cards were introduced, they were welcomed with open arms – or is that hands? Anyway, high school students could use their student credit cards for their incidental spending, or they could use them to make bigger purchases, perhaps for buying some clothes or shoes.

Many high school students have cars now. And what better way to handle their vehicle costs than with a high school student credit card. They can fill up the gas tank or pay for regular service whenever they need it. And if they have emergency repairs to take care of, they have the resources to charge them to their credit card now, and pay for them later.

Of course, many students have to get a guarantor, like their parents, to sign for their student credit cards, but they’re still in their own name, and they start building towards a positive credit record early. And that’s a good thing!

For some students, a secured credit card is the way to go. Whichever plan they choose – secured or unsecured – student credit cards will help them handle their finances, learning how to keep track of their spending, and paying bills regularly and on time. By this time, to actually pay their bill, many students have part-time jobs. And that’s another great lesson to learn before they move into the full-time working world.

Students are in a learning process. They’re learning about math, English, history, geography, science, art, physical education – all the subjects that’ll help them get through life. But is that all they need to learn? How about financial education?

If you think about it, finances are the basis of living a life of freedom. Of course, all of the different subjects help, but none in a way that finances do.

So students really need to learn financial responsibility. Some high schools are now teaching the basics of finances and financing, from check writing to credit. And it’s about time, too! For years, students have been leaving high school, and entering the working world, without a clue as to how to balance a checkbook.

MBNA Studentawards WorldPoints® MasterCard®

MBNA Bank of Canada is offering a wonderful opportunity for Canadian students to obtain the Studentawards Worldpoints Mastercard. Read more about the MBNA Student Credit Card Studentawards Worldpoints Mastercard.

College student credit cards fill a great need, too

Credit cards for college students are a step up from the high school student credit cards. They still work the same way, but the limits will probably be higher, now that responsibilities are bigger and expenses have increased. College credit cards are really a godsend for today’s university students. What with the student loan, or loans, as the case may be, there’s enough to think about with trying to stay afloat financially and do well with the studies, too.

Many college students juggle their schedules between learning and working, in order to fill that financial gap. For those students, a credit card will be relatively easy to get. Just like any other credit card, you make your quick online application and get approved within minutes. And if you have a part-time job, that makes applying online even easier, especially if you’ve managed to accumulate a bit of savings.

When you compare what you can do with student credit card offers to what can happen with student loan offers, then you’re way ahead of the game with the credit cards. Student loans are great for covering the tuition, books and housing costs, but that’s not everything. There always seems to be something that crops up and a student credit card is perfect for covering those unexpected costs.

And just a note about the student loans – don’t let them get you too deep into debt. You don’t want to be finishing college owing $25,000 in loans. And many college students do just that! But a helpful hint for you – if you happen to get yourself into that situation, take advantage of a student loan consolidation plan. You’ll find lots of them online. They’re the best remedy to ease the pain.

By the way, if you find you have to get a student loan consolidation, make sure you know what’s on your credit report first. You can get free online credit reports just by asking. And it’s important to keep track of them. Just because you’re a student, it doesn’t mean that you’re not vulnerable to that horrible crime, identity theft. It can happen anywhere to anyone, so always be aware.

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