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Using a GPS navigator in your car, recreational vehicle or while riding your motorcycle not only increases your confidence when looking for directions, when used correctly it is also an added safety device. No more flipping open maps or trying to look down at the seat at a map that your trying to read while driving. You don't have to rely on passengers to steer you in the wrong direction adding to your frustration and this increasing the likely hood of an incident. Many of today's GPS navigational systems provide you both audio and visual turn-by-turn directions to almost any address, as well as find points of interest, including gas stations, restaurants, and ATMs. The GPS devices that will be featured on this website will include maps for all of British Columbia, Canada and the USA. There are lots of vehicles today that come equipped with a built in GPS and that's great, however I prefer the hand held or portable GPS device. Handheld devices allow you to transfer the GPS to other vehicles which many will find very convenient. Portability makes for better theft protection also.

We have researched many many suppliers for Garmin Equipment. We looked for a supplier that had very fair prices and that would ship throughout North America including to British Columbia and Canada.

Isn't it time to upgrade your vehicle and give yourself some onboard navigation with a new Garmin GPS.

Here is a short instructional Video talking about GM's On-Star navigation system. I have put this video here as an example of how GPS (ie knowing where you are going) can improve safety while driving. Portable handheld GPS devices reviewed here afford most of the same luxuries.



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