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GPS Navigation For Motorcycles

GPS for motorcycles? Are you serious?

Touring around BC Highways and other destinations around North America is sure a lot of fun. But it can be frustrating when you do get lost. And when your lost you tent to have a greater chance of making a serious mistake.  You know, that u-turn on the highway that wasn't in the plan, sitting on the shoulder of the road trying to read a map. etc. Every unplanned or rushed frustrated manoeuvre can lead to a traffic incident and that's ban enough in a car but can be disastrous on a motorcycle.

This video describes what BMW is doing with GPS on their Motorcycles

Garmin Zumo550 motorcycle GPS navigator

We have reviewed some GPS Systems and recommend the following. Why not increase your safety with zūmo 550 — Garmin's Zumo550 rugged motorcycle GPS navigator.  This unit was designed by bikers, zūmo’s gives it features that make it easy to operate while on your bike. From back roads to rallies, to all the highway systems including British Columbia and North American routes it's preloaded maps and high-end navigation features give you the freedom to go where you want. This unit has got to be one of the most high tech gps systems I have seen for motorcycling. The features are endless. But dont take our word for it. Check out all the Motorcycle GPS equipment available.


Here are some GPS features that we think are important when choosing a GPS for your Motorcycle

  • Easy to update and program - well that's a must and please don't try and program your GPS while you are
  • Bluetooth - The GPs must be wireless capable of talking to your Bluetooth Helmet audio communication system. You can receive wireless voice prompts and still use your cellular phone hands free.
  • Easy to attach to the bike with a universal mounting bracket. And easy to remove and lock away or carry with you.
  • Optional - Traffic and Weather radio Subscriptions.
  • Compatible with Google Earth and Google maps. Allowing you to upload pre-planned rides and to later share rides and photos with friends.

Also when selecting the GPS for your motorcycle remember its has to have a bright display that you can see in sunlight. There is nothing worse that not being able to read it on a sunny day. Isn't that when we ride?

Now we recommend that you purchase your GPS equipment by one of the above links to our supplier. Amazon the Garmin GPS supplier we have chosen will ship throughout North America including safe shipments to Canada. You can also purchase GPS systems for your Automobile and if you prefer a handheld portable GPS they have those as well.

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