Passenger RV and Motorcycle Tires for BC Driving

Think Tire Safety

Planning a trip to somewhere in BC? BC has some of the best highways in the world. The scenery throughout British Columbia is spectacular and you won't want to waist any time dealing with a broken down vehicle especially a bad tire.

Being and thinking safe on the road is a good habit and that includes proper tire maintenance. Remember that your tires are the only thing between you - your vehicle and the road. Proper maintenance includes Checking tire pressure, tire wear, and damage

Whether you operate a passenger vehicle, recreational vehicle, (RV), pull a trailer or ride a motorcycle you will want to be sure to make tire inspections regularly and maintain your tires to a high standard of condition with proper maintenance and timely tire replacement when required.

Don't wait till the last minute..Tire replacement is easy and your vehicle will look great with a new set of tires

Tire Inflation

Under inflation is one of the leading causes of tire failure. A tire can be as much as 50% under inflated before it is visibly noticeable, therefore it is extremely important to check your tire pressure often. Not only are under inflated tires more prone to damage and failure, but they can lead to higher fuel costs by as much as 3 to 5¢ per gallon.

Tire Replacement

Replacing tires can be somewhat complicated since there may be multiple tire options to fit your vehicle. The tires originally supplied on your vehicle are referred to as your vehicles original equipment. Your vehicle manufacturer determines the proper tire size, speed rating, load range, etc. For this reason you should refer to your vehicle owner’s manual prior to replacing any of the tires.

There are times when acceptable options exist to change a tire size or type on your vehicle. Like when you want to make your vehicle look cooler than the manufacturer or you want to fit your vehicle with aftermarket rims. Before doing this however you MUST always refer to your owner’s manual and rely on an authorized tire retailer for expert advice to ensure safe and legal specifications for any wheel or tire choices.

Tire Inspection / Rotation

Regular rotation of your tires will also help prevent irregular and premature wear. Rotating your tires within the recommended manufacturers interval of at least 8,000 to 10,000 miles is a great habit. Rotating your tires also forces you to do an complete tire inspection for un-noticed damage, tire wear and proper tire inflation.

Winter Driving and your Tires

Winter Driving - Snow Tires vs All Season Tires

Tire Chains

Studded Tire Regulations

BC Highway provides the following courtesy link to where you will find a wealth of information on tire construction, sizes, classifications, replacement, and tire reviews for buying new tires for your vehicle.