Alcohol Breath Tester - Breathalyzer (BAC)

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Why do you need a Breathalyzer / Alcohol Breath Tester?

If you dont drink you probably dont need one. However if you do like to go out and have a few drinks you need to remember that drinking and driving is not only illegal its dangerous. Its so easy to test your breath and obtain your alcohol blood reading before you risk driving.

British Columbia has one of Canada's toughest impaired driving measures.

Drinking and Driving is Expensive - Buy a Breathalzyer!

But it's not only in BC - All police jusistictions in Canada and throughout the USA are stepping up enforcement to catch drunk drivers and to get drinking drivers off the roads. The cost of an impaired driving charge is huge. Just ask an the best BC Impaired Driving Lawyer.

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The real answer to the phrase Don't Drink and Drive is to know the Law and your blood alcohol level.

Stay Safe with a Breathalyzer - Shop Now!