Studded Tires - Regulations

British Columbia

In British Columbia (BC) Under the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, tires with studs up to 3.5 mm high can only be used between October 1 and April 30. The regulations limit tires to 130 studs each for vehicles weighing less than 4,600 kg, or 175 studs each for vehicles weighing more than that. It’s important to note you can only use studded tires on the front wheels if you’re using them on rear wheels also (at least one studded tire per rear wheel). This means if you have a rear wheel drive vehicle you usually only use the studded tires on the rear wheels; however if you have a front wheel drive vehicle and use studded tires on the front wheels you must mount studded tires on the rear wheels also.


In Alberta there are no provincial regulations requiring the use of either snow tires or chains. These tires are "needed when conditions warrant it." Generally, this implies the routes to ski resorts. While it is legal in Alberta to use snow road technology such as chains and studded tires, these are usually only needed for extreme driving conditions on highways. The Rubber Manufacturers Association follows a standard in making snow tires. Any tire marked, "Snow tires," "Mud and snow," or "M/S" meets the standard


Studded tires are only legal Nov. 1 - Mar. 31. Motorists using studded tires after the deadline could incur a $124 fine from the Washington State Patrol.


Studded tires are are permitted in Montana from October 1 - May 31.

Because of the many different road and weather conditions throughout our state, MDT along with the local tire industry wants motorists to know there is a variety of snow and studded tire alternatives available so they can choose appropriately. Since different types of winter tires provide varied performance under different road conditions, tire dealers can assist motorists to select the best option for them.


Studded tires are permitted Sept. 15-May 1 north of 60 degrees N.; Sept. 30-April 15 south of 60 degrees N.

Remember to keep your tires in good condition and properly inspected see Maintain your tires for a safe ride