BC Highway - Road Closure News


Major Events

Hemlock Valley Rd Hemlock Valley Rd. Road construction work between Sasquatch Mountain Resort and Morris Valley Rd.. Single lane alternating traffic. Expect delays up to an hour. Next update time Tue Mar 10 at 12:00 PM PDT. Last updated Mon Mar 9 at 12:54 PM PDT. (DBC-15443)
Highway 17 Both Directions Highway 17, in both directions. Vehicle fire between Highway 91 Connector and Grace Rd (Delta). Road closed. Expect delays due to congestion. Next update time Tue Mar 10 at 1:45 PM PDT. Last updated Tue Mar 10 at 11:50 AM PDT. (DBC-16465)
Highway 4 Highway 4. Construction work between Toquart Bay Rd and Taylor River Rest Area (14 km east of Southern Boundary of Pacific Rim National Park). Until Tue Mar 17 at 7:00 AM PST. Road closures Mar 3-14: 1-4am 5-7am 4-5pm 10pm-12am. No 10pm-12am closure on Fri. No 1-4am or 5-7am closures Mar 3. Closures 9-11am Mar 3-5 & 9-12. 9am-3pm traffic let through at top of the hour excluding closures. Next update time Tue Mar 17 at 7:00 AM PST. Last updated Fri Feb 28 at 9:02 AM PST. (DBC-11784)
McLure Ferry Both Directions McLure Ferry, in both directions. There is a mechanical issue between the start of McLure Ferry and McLure Ferry (McLure). Road closed. Next update time Wed Mar 11 at 6:00 AM PDT. Last updated Tue Mar 10 at 10:03 AM PDT. (DBC-16406)
Other Roads Both Directions Highline road, in both directions. Rock slide at Telford Bridge. Road closed. Estimated time of opening not available. Detour not available. Engineering for repair methodology underway. Next update time Fri Mar 13 at 1:00 PM PST. Last updated Fri Mar 6 at 12:49 PM PST. (DBC-15429)
Other Roads All Hallowes road. Flooding at south end of All Hallowes Road 1 km west of Yale. Road closed. Closed until further notice. Next update time Tue Mar 10 at 12:00 PM PDT. Last updated Mon Mar 9 at 12:54 PM PDT. (DBC-15956)

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