BC Highway 20 - Williams Lake to Bella Coola - Road Conditions

Events for Highway 20

Highway 20 Highway 20. Compact snow between the start of Highway 20 and Kappan Mtn Rd for 137.9 km (Bella Coola to Anahim Lake). Last updated Tue Mar 10 at 10:36 AM PDT. (DBCRCON-65193)
Highway 20 Highway 20. Compact snow between Graham Lake Access No 2 Rd and Stum Lake Rd for 109.3 km (Tatla Lake to Alexis Creek). Last updated Tue Mar 10 at 10:36 AM PDT. (DBCRCON-65160)

Highway 20 Weather Locations

Williams Lake   Lillooet    Anahim Lake    Bella Coola

General Route Information

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Highway 20 begins in Williams Lake at its juncture with Highway 97. It rises gradually for 23 km (14 mi) to the crossing of the Fraser River at Sheep Creek Bridge, from which it ascends via a series of steep switchbacks to the Chilcotin Plateau. Prior to improvements of the late 20th Century, including the Sheep Creek Bridge, it crossed the Fraser via a 1910s style suspension bridge, which was like those farther south at Gang Ranch-Dog Creek and Lillooet.

After Lillooet it passes through Riske Creek then at 94 km (58 mi) the hamlet of Hanceville . Near Riske Creek 104km (64 mi) it passes Anahim Reserve, a Chilcotin community before reaching Alexis Creek  at 114km (71 mi). From Alexis Creek it is 122 km (76 mi) to the next town, Tatla Lake.

Next locations are Kleena Kleene and Nimpo Lake farther West is Nimpo Lake which serves as a float plane base for the region. Just west of Nimpo Lake the highway crosses the Dean River before reaching Anahim Lake and the adjacent Indian reserve at 310 km (193 mi). Past Anahim Lake the road ascends and descends through Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park via Heckman Pass to Hagensborg and finally Bella Coola . The entire route is scenic and very sparsely populated.

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