BC Highway 3 Conditions - Road Report News

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Highway 1 Highways 5 & 97c

Events for Highway 3

Highway 3 Both directions Construction 25 km west of Princeton 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Mon-Sat through Sep 15 2016. Lane closure in effect, work area is restricted to 60 Km's. Updated on Tue Mar 17 at 11:57 am PDT. (ID# -51515)
Highway 3 Both directions Ditching 30 km west of Princeton to 15 km west of Princeton (15 km), 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Mon Apr 27. The road is reduced to single lane alternating traffic. Updated on Mon Apr 27 at 9:33 am PDT. (ID# -52330)
Highway 3 Both directions Paving 15 km west of Salmo to 15 km east of Salmo (30 km), 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Mon-Sat through Jul 15. The road is reduced to single lane alternating traffic with up to 20 minutes delay. Updated on Wed Apr 22 at 8:08 am PDT. (ID# -52219)
Highway 3 Both directions Construction in Creston between Vancouver Street and 10th Avenue N with reduced speed zones, minor detours and lane closures through Mon Jun 15 at 5:00 pm. Updated on Thu Apr 16 at 4:28 pm PDT. (ID# -52096)
Highway 3 Both directions Bridge Construction 400m east of British Columbia and Alberta Border from April 22 through Tue Sep 15 at 11:59 pm. The road is reduced to single lane alternating traffic with a 60km/hr speed zone and a 4.5m width restriction through construction zone. Please check Alberta 5-1-1 for construction updates. Updated on Tue Apr 14 at 10:38 am PDT. (ID# -52017)
Highway 3 Eastbound Road Maintenance on Highway 3 from Sumallo to Sunday Summit will be in effect today at 8:00:00 AM until 3:30:00 PM. Single Lane Alternating Traffic in effect from KM 78 to 80. Updated on Mon Apr 27 7:11 am PDT. (ID# RTMC_6389)

Morrissey Jct
Approx 10 km south of Fernie at Morrissey Jct, looking north..

Hwy 3, in Hosmer, north of Fernie, looking north-east

General Route 3 Information

The Crowsnest Highway's total length in British Columbia is 837 km (520 miles), and its total length within Alberta is 326 km (202 miles). The Crowsnest Highway's western terminus is at Hope, B.C., where it branches off from Highway 1. The highway goes east for 7 km (4 miles) to its junction with Highway 5, then through Allison Pass and Manning Provincial Park for 127 km (79 miles) towards the town of Princeton. In this stretch between Hope and Princeton, known locally as the Hope-Princeton Highway, there are several significant ascents. The first is the steep climb to the Hope Slide, followed later by the remainder of the climb up to Allison Pass at an elevation of 1,342m (4,473 ft). After the summit of Allison Pass, the road descends for 40 km (25 mi) before beginning another long climb up Sunday Summit (1,284m, 4,280 ft). Soon after Sunday Summit is the descent into Princeton, where Highway 5A begins.

After Princeton, the Crowsnest goes southeast for 67 km (42 miles), through Hedley, to the village of Keremeos, where a junction with a length of highway designated as 3A is located. Another 46 km (29 miles) southeast, and the Crowsnest reaches the town of Osoyoos and a junction with Highway 97. The highway then proceeds to hug the Canada-U.S. border east through a stretch of switchbacks. 52 km (32 miles) east of Osoyoos, the Crowsnest reaches its junction with Highway 33 at Rock Creek, then the highway heads east for 70 km (44 miles) to its junction with Highway 41 at a location called Carson. Another 26 km (16 miles) east, passing through Grand Forks en route, the Crowsnest meets Highway 395 at the southern end of Christina Lake.

Further east from Christina Lake, the Crowsnest travels for 47 km (29 miles) through Bonanza Pass to its junction with Highway 3B at Nancy Greene Lake. It is another 26 km (16 miles) east to the junction with Highway 22 at Castlegar, and another 2 km (1¼ miles) east to a junction with another stretch of Highway designated as 3A, also within Castlegar. Leaving Castlegar, the Crowsnest reaches its eastern junction with Highway 3B 26 km (16 miles) east. Highway 6 converges with the Crowsnest at Salmo, 11 km (7 miles) east of the 3B junction, and the two highways proceed south for 14 km (9 miles) to the Burnt Flat Junction, where Highway 6 diverges south.

East of Burnt Flat, the Crowsnest heads through the Kootenay Pass on a stretch known as the Kootenay Skyway, or Salmo-Creston Skyway. 67 km (42 miles) east of Burnt Flat, the Crowsnest reaches the town of Creston, just past junctions with Highways 21 and 3A. 40 km (25 miles) later, at Yahk, Highway 95 merges onto the Crowsnest. The two highways share a common alignment for 72 km (46 miles) northeast along the Moyie River to a junction with Highway 95A at Cranbrook. Another 6 km (4 miles) east, Highway 95 diverges north from the Crowsnest and Highway 93 merges onto the Crowsnest from the north. Highway 93 and the Crowsnest share a common alignment for the next 53 km (32 miles) southeast to Elko, where Highway 93 diverges south. 31 km (19 miles) north of Elko, the Crowsnest reaches Fernie, then it goes north another 30 km (18 miles) to its junction with Highway 43 at Sparwood, and another 19 km (11 miles) east, the highway reaches the boundary with Alberta at Crowsnest Pass.

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