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Events for Highway 99

Highway 99 Both directions Bridge Maintenance on Highway 99 at Lions Gate Bridge will occur weekly on Friday and Saturday from 11:00:00 PM to 7:00:00 AMeffective 12/09/2014 until 20/12/2014. Expect lane closures in either direction. Watch for traffic control personnel. Updated on Sat Sep 27 7:18 am PDT. (ID# RTMC_4106)
Highway 99 Both directions Bridge Maintenance on Highway 99 at Lions Gate Bridge. Bridge Maintenance will occur weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday effective 02/07/2014 until 31/12/2014 from 10:00:00 PM to 5:30:00 AM. Lane closure in effect. Updated on Mon Sep 22 10:05 pm PDT. (ID# RTMC_2976)
Highway 99 Both directions Tunnel Maintenance on Highway 99 in the Massey Tunnel will occur on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday effective 02/11/2014 until 07/11/2014 from 11:00:00 PM to 5:00:00 AM. Northbound and Southbound Fast Lane Closures in effect. Updated on Thu Oct 23 2:21 pm PDT. (ID# RTMC_4660)
Highway 99 Northbound Road Maintenance on Highway 99 between Rainbow Subdivision and Tandy's Landing in effect daily 08/09/2014 until 31/10/2014 7:30am to 5:00:00 PM. Work on shoulder. Updated on Mon Sep 8 7:32 am PDT. (ID# RTMC_3965)
Highway 99 Southbound Tree Removal on Highway 99 Southbound between Taylor Way and Lake Placid Rd will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday effective 18/11/2014 until 21/11/2014 from 8:00:00 AM to 4:00:00 PM. Updated on Thu Oct 16 11:37 am PDT. (ID# RTMC_4573)
Highway 99 Southbound Collision on Highway 99 Southbound at Eagleridge Dr. 1 left lane blocked. Updated on Fri Oct 31 1:21 pm PDT. (ID# RTMC_4740)

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General Route 99 Information

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The following destinations are located on or near Route 99 Sea to Sky Highway: Horseshoe Bay, Furry Creek, Lions Bay, Britannia Beach, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Mount Currie, and Lillooet.

If you are wondering what the highway looks like filmed from the passenger window of a vehicle - here is a video that shows Highway 99 fromVancouver to Squamish

The "Sea-to-Sky Highway" is the name given to the section of Highway 99 starting just north of Horseshoe Bay. From Horseshoe Bay, the highway travels along the coast of Howe Sound for 12 km (7 mi) to Lions Bay, north for another 21 km (13 mi) to Britannia Beach, and north for 11 more km (7 mi) to Squamish, at the head of Howe Sound.

From Squamish, it continues north for another 58 km (36 mi) to Whistler, and then to Pemberton 32 km (20 mi) later, where the Sea-to-Sky Highway ends and the Duffey Lake Road begins. 99 km (62 mi) northeast, Highway 99 reaches the junction with Highway 12 at Lillooet, and then goes northeast for another 75 km (47 mi) to its northern terminus at its junction with Highway 97, just north of Cache Creek.

Here is a map of Whistler BC Showing the Satellite view including the road and street overlay. Zoom in for a map of Whistler Village.

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