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Highway 3A, 3B, 6, 31, 31A, 93, 95, 95A through Nelson, Grand Forks, New Denver, Nakusp, Salmo, Creston, Castlegar ...Use this link for Highway 3 Conditions and the following link for Kootenay Lake Ferry

Current Kootenay Highway Road Conditions

Events for West Kootenay

Highway 21 Highway 21. Utility work planned between Porthill Rd and Fox Tree Rd for 2.1 km (2 km north of British Columbia and Idaho Border, South of Creston to British Columbia and Idaho Border, South of Creston). Starting Wed Apr 24 at 8:00 AM MST until Wed Apr 24 at 4:00 PM MST. Single lane alternating traffic will be in effect. Watch for traffic control personnel. Last updated Thu Apr 18 at 9:33 AM MST. (DBC-7302)
Highway 3 Highway 3. Bridge construction between Paulson Detour Rd and Paulson Detour Rd (15 km east of Christina Lake). Until Fri Nov 15. From 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PDT daily. Expect minor delays. Last updated Wed Apr 10 at 11:45 AM PDT. (DBC-6980)
Highway 3 Highway 3. Water pooling between Motel Ave and West Avalanche Gate for 14.1 km (Salmo). Last updated Fri Apr 19 at 11:54 AM PDT. (DBCRCON-32147)
Highway 3 Highway 3. Watch for slippery sections between Tailings Rd and Cook St for 68.9 km (14 km east of Salmo to Creston). Last updated Tue Apr 16 at 5:12 AM PDT. (DBCRCON-32148)
Highway 31 Highway 31. Construction work between Toad Rock Rd and Hanson Rd (8 km north of Balfour). From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Single lane alternating traffic. Watch for traffic control. Two sites: one south of Coffee Creek Bridge and one north side of Ainsworth township. Last updated Fri Mar 15 at 8:41 AM PDT. (DBC-6191)
Kootenay Lake Ferry Kootenay Lake Ferry. Possible ferry delays between Balfour and Kootenay Bay. Until Sun Apr 21 at 3:00 PM PDT. Due to extremely low water, the smaller MV Balfour ferry is running on regular winter schedule. Capacity reduced to 28 vehicles. Last updated Thu Apr 18 at 7:15 PM PDT. (DBC-6724)
Kootenay Lake Ferry Kootenay Lake Ferry. Possible ferry service interruption between Apr 21 and Apr 23. Starting Sun Apr 21 at 3:00 PM PDT. MV Osprey 2000 in service with reduced weight restrictions due to low water. Possible ferry delays. Next update time Tue Apr 23 at 12:00 PM PDT. Last updated Thu Apr 18 at 3:51 PM PDT. (DBC-7320)

Events for Rocky Mountain East Kootenay

Highway 1 Highway 1. Construction work between Glacier Park East Boundary and Wiseman Rd for 4.6 km (12 to 16 km east of East Boundary of Glacier National Park). Until Fri May 31 at 5:00 AM MDT. From 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM MDT daily. Expect minor delays. Last updated Thu Apr 11 at 1:14 PM MDT. (DBC-5914)
Highway 1 Both Directions Highway 1, in both directions. Rock scaling at Yoho National Park 20 km west of Field. Until Fri Oct 25. From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM MDT on weekdays and Saturday. 24/7 work zone. A larger blast requiring an extended closure may occur with possible delays up to 90 mins. Other times 30 min delays. Reduced speed zones. Be prepared to stop. Watch for truck traffic and obey all signs and traffic control personnel. No stops on long weekends. Last updated Fri Apr 12 at 10:35 AM MDT. (DBC-6641)
Highway 1 Highway 1. Road construction work between Donald Rd and Forde Station Rd for 5.0 km (23 to 18 km west of Golden). Until Sun Jun 30. From 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM MDT on weekdays and Saturday. Expect minor delays. Last updated Thu Apr 11 at 1:06 PM MDT. (DBC-7076)
Highway 1 Highway 1. Rock scaling at 10km east of Field. Until Fri May 31 at 1:00 PM MDT. 24/7 work zone. From 9am-1pm MDT on weekdays and Saturday a larger blast requiring an extended closure may occur with possible delays up to 90 mins. Other times 30 min delay. Reduced speed zone. Be prepared to stop. Watch for truck traffic and obey traffic control & signs. No stops on long weekends. Last updated Fri Apr 12 at 10:40 AM MDT. (DBC-7107)
Highway 23 Highway 23. Construction work between Revelstoke Dam Access Rd and Wallis Rd (34 km north of Revelstoke). From 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM PDT on Monday and Tuesday. Single lane alternating traffic. Last updated Thu Apr 18 at 2:32 PM PDT. (DBC-7316)
Highway 93 Both Directions Highway 93, in both directions. Bridge maintenance between Kootenay National Pk and Marble Canyon Campground (7 km south of British Columbia and Alberta Border). Until Tue Apr 30. Expect speed reduction to 40km/h through the site during winter months. Last updated Mon Feb 11 at 2:15 PM MST. (DBC-3830)
Highway 93 Highway 93. Special event between Sheep Creek Rd and Sheep Creek Rd (27 km south of Canal Flats). Until Tue Apr 30. Prescribed Burning in Progress April 18-Apri 30th in the Premier Lake area, expect smoke. Last updated Wed Apr 17 at 2:04 PM MDT. (DBC-7266)

Kootenay Weather Locations

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General Route Information

Kootenay Pass, known locally as "the Salmo-Creston" is a mountain pass in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It is utilized by the Crowsnest Highway to transverse the Selkirks, connecting the communities of Salmo and Creston. At its opening the highway route was also dubbed the Kootenay Skyway

Highway 3A The 154 km (96 mi) long Kootenay section of Highway 3A begins at Castlegar, and travels 20 km (12 mi) northeast to South Slocan, where Highway 6 merges onto Highway 3A. The two highways proceed east for 22 km (14 mi) to Nelson, where Highway 6 diverges south. 34 km (21 mi) northeast of Nelson, Highway 3A reaches Balfour, on the western shore of Kootenay Lake. The Kootenay Lake ferry takes Highway 3A across Kootenay Lake to Kootenay Bay. Highway 3A then follows the eastern shore of Kootenay Lake for 78 km (48 mi) all the way south to Creston, where it terminates.

Highway 6 has a total length of 407 km (253 mi). It begins at the Canada-U.S. border crossing at Nelway, where it connects with State Route 31. It travels north for 10 km (6 mi) to the Burnt Flat Junction, where the Crowsnest Highway merges onto it from the east. The Crowsnest carries Highway 6 north for 14 km (9 mi) to the town of Salmo, where the Crowsnest diverges west. From Salmo, Highway 6 goes north for 41 km (25 mi), mostly following the Salmo River, to the city of Nelson, where access to the Whitewater Ski Resort is located. Highway 3A merges onto Highway 6 at Nelson, and the two highways travel west for 21 km (13 mi) along the Kootenay River, passing through the communities of Taghum and Bonnington Falls, to where Highway 3A diverges southwest just west of South Slocan.

From South Slocan, Highway 6 follows the Slocan River north for 79 km (49 mi) to the community of New Denver, where Highway 31A meets Highway 6. 48 km (30 mi) northwest of New Denver, Highway 6 reaches its junction with Highway 23 at the resort community of Nakusp. Highway 6 then turns southwest and proceeds to follow the east bank of the Columbia River for 57 km (35 mi) to Fauquier, on the east shore of Lower Arrow Lake.

From Needles, Highway 6 takes a winding path northwest through the Monashee Mountain range, passing through the community of Cherryville on its exit from the mountains, until it reaches the community of Lumby, 110 km (68 mi) away. Highway 6 then proceeds west on its final 26 km (16 mi) through the town of Coldstream, to its ending at a junction with Highway 97 at Vernon

Highway 23, which is 250 km (155 mi) long, begins in the south at Nakusp, where it meets Highway 6. Highway 23 winds north along the eastern shore of Upper Arrow Lake for 49 km (30 mi) to its junction with Highway 31 at Galena Bay. The Upper Arrow Lakes Ferry continues Highway 23 across the Upper Arrow Lake to a location known as Shelter Bay. North of Shelter Bay, Highway 23 follows the west bank of the Columbia River for 49 km (30 mi) to where it meets the Trans-Canada Highway. Highway 23 follows the Trans-Canada east through the city of Revelstoke for 1 km (about ½ mi), finally turning north after leaving Revelstoke.

North of Revelstoke, Highway 23 entirely follows the east bank of Revelstoke Lake for 151 km (94 mi), past the old townsite of Mica Creek to its northern end at the Mica Dam facility.

Highway 31 is a slightly minor north-south highway through the Selkirk Mountains. The highway first gained its number in 1973, and it is one of the few numbered highways in the province that is not fully paved. Highway 31 has a total distance of 109 miles (175km)— 23 miles (37km) along Kootenay Lake between Balfour (a junction with Highway 3A) and Kaslo (a junction with Highway 31A) and 86 miles (138km) between Kaslo and Galena Bay, where it ends at Highway 23

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