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Coloured Contact Lenses

Shop Online - Free shipping to USA and Canada. Color contact lenses or "cosmetic contact lenses" offer a convenient, cost effective way to change your eye color. Advances in contact lens technology have allowed for opaque lenses that can change the color of dark eyes and well as light colored eyes. 

Our selected merchant offers three main types of colored contact lenses in popular brands like Acuvue, Cibasoft, Freshlook, WildEyes etc


  1. Visibility tint. These colored contact lenses are lightly tinted so you can find your lens in the contact lens case, or if you drop it. Visibility tints don't affect the color of your eyes.
  2. Enhancement tint. These colored contact lenses have a translucent tint that's meant to enhance your natural eye color. Enhancement tints are slightly darker than a visibility tint and change the color of lighter eyes.
  3. Color tint. Darker, opaque tint contact lenses entirely change the color of your eyes. Color tint contacts come in a wide array of colors, including amethyst, violet and green. The center of this color contact lens is clear so you can see without the colored lens affecting your vision.

    Acuvue 2 Colours 
    Air Optix Aqua 
    Cibasoft Softcolors 
    DuraSoft 2 Colors 
    DuraSoft 3 Colors 
    Expressions Accents 
    Focus 1-2 Week Softcolors 
    Focus Monthly Softcolors 
    FreshLook Colorblends 
    FreshLook Colorblends Toric 
    FreshLook Colors 
    FreshLook Dimensions 
    FreshLook ONE-DAY 
    FreshLook Radiance 
    Natural Touch Colors 

We offer a wide selection of color contact lenses. To order online, select your prescribed brand of enhancement tint or color tint lenses from the list above.

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