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Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmetics

The world of cosmetics is indeed complex. Shopping Canada online cosmetics. There are so many skin types and colors, with so many differing skin conditions, that the cosmetics industry has had to work hard to keep up. But work hard they have – there’s a product for every kind of condition you could possibly have. But are there answers to every possible question you could have? Well, perhaps we can answer a few of them with these top 10 cosmetics questions. Listen up.

1. Is there a cosmetic product that can make my eyelashes longer and thicker?

What you were born with, you were born with. Whether you like them or not, your eyelashes are a product of your DNA, your genes, and you can’t change that.

Having said that, you’re not completely without help. There are some mascara products that are recommended for making your lashes look longer and thicker, from companies like L’Oreal or Clinique. It’s suggested that you use a lash primer, then mascara. Your eye lashes may not be as long and thick as you want, but they’ll definitely be enhanced if you use the right products.

2. I’m concerned about my wrinkles – is there a solution other than injections?

Injections are becoming very popular these days. There are many dermal fillers on the market, all claiming to be the best. Those with natural ingredients, similar to those produced by your own body, are said to be the best because there’s nothing better than the natural substances present in your own body.

However, just because these substances are natural, it doesn’t mean that they’ll do the desired job. And any cosmetic you use won’t last forever. But, if you want to minimize your wrinkles, then anti-aging cosmetics will do the trick. Of course, you’ll have to keep applying them on a regular basis, but you’ll have to keep getting injections, too. Which one would be easier?

3. My lipstick color has been discontinued – what can I do?

Discontinued lipstick colors is a major complaint for consumers. Cosmetic companies are constantly changing their lines, and women who have favorite colors that they’ve gotten used to, stand in lines, disappointed, trying to find something that slightly resembles that one shade that was just right for them.

Well, not to worry, ladies. There are companies out there, like Three Custom Color, who’ll customize a lipstick color for you. Just send them a small sample of your favorite lipstick, and they’ll duplicate it for you. Mind you, it won’t be cheap, but if that color is that important to you, then that’s the way to go. Alternatively, with the number of colors and shades of lipstick on the market today, you should be able to find something that’s fairly close to what you like.

4. My eyebrows are small – is permanent makeup a cure?

Permanent cosmetics are a form of tattooing, and tattooing comes with a series of possible risks. However, if you’re really concerned about small eyebrows, or eyebrows that don’t cover the entire normal eyebrow, then permanent makeup might be a viable solution.

However, there are eye cosmetics that can help you. For example, you can use a good eyebrow pencil, then cover it up with an eyebrow sealer that’ll preserve the eyebrow through most of your daily activities. It may come off when you’re sleeping, but it’s easily replaceable. Some of the companies offering these helpful eyebrow products are M.A.C., Christian Dior, and Lancôme.

5. What can I do about the dark circles under my eyes?

There are a number of concealers available that can hide blemishes, discoloration and dark circles. The best ones are matte concealers, which you can buy from Revlon, Maybelline, or Elizabeth Arden.

A concealer should be accompanied by a lightweight moisturizer, which won’t slide off the concealer. And if you’re out in the sun during the day, wear sunglasses to protect you from the sun’s rays, which will stop the sun from affecting dark pigmentation.

6. I used a self-tanning product, but my skin looks blotchy and uneven – what can I do?

When you’re using self-tanners, you need to be very careful with the application process. Once it’s on, only time will remove it. You can help it along a bit with an AHA or BHA product, or try to exfoliate the upper layer, but you’re basically stuck with it for at least a few days.

To avoid this frustration, you need to follow a few simple steps while applying your self-tanner. First of all, apply it only to clean, dry, exfoliated skin. And put it on one small area at a time, paying attention to applying it evenly and thoroughly. Make sure the room you’re applying it in isn’t hot or steamy because that’ll make it run. And wash your hands when you’re finished. Then you’ll have no problem looking like a California Girl.

7. What can I do about my oily skin?

If you have very oily skin, you need to pay close attention to the cosmetics that you’re using. For example, matte foundations, from companies like Lancôme, provide a good base. And make sure you use loose powder, not pressed powder, because the wax that holds the pressed powder together can act like an oil.

Also, when you’re cleansing your face, use a cleansing system that’s geared to your skin type. Not all facial cleansing systems are alike, so make sure you get the one for oily skin. And keep your use of moisturizer to a minimum – moisturizers are basically oils, and you don’t need any more than you already have.

8. Is there a cosmetic cure for my puffy eyes?

Puffy eyes, in many cases, are caused by a number of things, for example, lack of sleep, a diet high in salt, drinking excess alcohol, or an improper contact lens fit. For some people, it’s just a part of their natural complexion. For others, there’s some relief available through cosmetics.

First of all, whatever makeup you wear, be sure to take it off at night – and don’t rub your eyes when you do it. Cool compresses applied to the eyes in the morning can help, but if you don’t have time for that, just keep your moisturizer in the fridge. If you still have a problem, or are just born with puffy eyes, you might want to consider some very effective cosmetic surgery.

9. Is it ok to mix and match my brands of cosmetics?

If you really like one particular brand of cosmetics, that’s ok. But you need to be very aware that most cosmetic companies don’t make a full line of perfect products. If they excel in one department, they may tend to be not so good in another.

It’ll take some experimentation on your part, but if you spend a little time, you’ll eventually find the right products that suit you best. You’ll probably find that you’re using a combination of products, like mascara from Lancôme, lipsticks from Estee Lauder, foundation from Shiseido, cleansing products from Clinique, and self-tanners from Clarins.

10. Should I change my cosmetic products with the seasons?

“Seasons change, and so do I” is a quote from a song, and it definitely applies to cosmetics. The condition of your skin will change with the seasons. In the winter, your skin can get dry, so you need to use an appropriate moisturizer to add additional moisture to your skin.

In the summer, the skin can get more oily, so you’ll want to use a lighter product on your skin. And, of course, you’ll need to be diligent about using sunblock and sunscreen products, to prevent irreparable ultraviolet damage to your skin.

In Conclusion

Cosmetics are wonderful products. They enhance your natural beauty. They minimize your weaknesses. They camouflage any blemishes, and basically perfect the attractive look that you want to have.

And have you checked out the availability of online cosmetic products? Whether you’re looking for skincare products, nail polish, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, or any one of the many lotions, powders, moisturizers, or cleansers available, they’re all available on the Internet.

And there are so many companies offering you the best in cosmetic products, like Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, Christian Dior, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Avon, Mary Kay, Shiseido, M.A.C. – the list goes on. So no matter what your preference in cosmetics, you’re sure to be able to find what you need to create that prefect picture that God gave you when you were born.


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