Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake is the biggest lake in the southern Coastal Mountains of Canada, being about 250 square kilometres in area. It is about 60 km in length and at its widest it is about 9 km across. At its southern end, is the resort community of Harrison Hot Springs which is 95 km east of downtown Vancouver.

At the north end of the lake is the community of Port Douglas. There are several hot springs along the shores of the lake or near it, including at Port Douglas, Twenty Mile Bay and Harrison Hot Springs.

The main waterflow coming into the lake is the Lillooet River, where there is a small bay named Little Harrison Lake. Halfway down Harrison Lake on its eastern shore is the valley of the Silver River, also known as the Big Silver River, one of its tributaries being the Little Silver.

Opposite Silver River on the west shore of Harrison Lake is Twenty-Mile Bay, site of one of the lake's many hotsprings; mid-lake between the Silver River and Twenty-Mile Bay is the northern end of the lake's longest and largest island, aptly-named Long Island, 9.5 km long, 2.6 km wide. The other main island of any size in the lake is Echo Island, 4 km long and 2.2 km wide. It is offshore from Harrison Hot Springs, and is immediately east of the forested canyon of the Harrison River at the lake's outflow. The Harrison enters the Fraser near the community of Chehalis.

Map of Harrison Lake

Street View at Harrison Hot Springs

Vancouver to Harrison Lake = 95 km
Hope BC to Harrison Hot Springs = 48 km

How to get to Harrison Lake from Vancouver

By Car:

  • Take the Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 East
  • Take exit 135 to merge onto Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy/BC-9 North
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy/BC-9 North
  • Turn left to stay on Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy/BC-9 North (signs for BC-7 W/Agassiz/Harrison Hot Springs) 
  • Turn left at Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy/Cheam Ave/BC-9 North (signs for Harrison Hot Springs/Vancouver) 
  • Take the 1st right onto Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy/Evergreen Dr/BC-9 North (signs for BC-7 W/Harrison Hot Springs Rd/Vancouver) 
  • Continue to follow Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy/BC-9 North to Harrison Hot Springs BC

Highway 1 Road Conditions :: Highway 9 Road Conditons

At Harrison Lake and Harrison Hot Springs you will enjoy activites such as fishing, boating, boat rentals, eco-tours. During summer months you can rent jet skis, and many different PWC and boats. Dont forget to get your manditory Canadian boat operators card BC Boating Licence - it's the Law!

Get Your Boating License — It‘s The Law!

Boating excursions include:

- Rainbow Falls - up the lake on the east side in Cascade Bay you will find one of the most beautiful waterfalls.

- Echo Island - Circumnavigate the Island for great views.

- Long Island - Just past Echo Island on the west side of the lake is Long Island visit the protected bay.

- You can also Visit Hicks Lake and rent a canoe.

There are many camping loactions at Harrison Hot Springs and around the Harrison Lake area. Visit BC Camprounds - BC Camping Reservations . and Sasquatch Provincial Park

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