Moving and Living in Spain

Do you need information about Spain ? Are you thinking of moving to Spain from Canada? Do you seek a Mediterranean Climate? Are you tired of long cold winters with freezing temperatures? What about it do you like beautiful beaches and scenery? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you should move to Spain maybe it's place for you.

Spain primarily has four different climates. A Continental Mediterranean climate in Madrid and the inland areas of the Peninsula. A Mediterranean climate region which extends from the Andalusian plain along the southern and eastern coasts up to the Pyrenees. On the seaward side of the mountain ranges that run near the coast through Barcelona. They get warm winds from the Saharas called Leveche, also known as Sirocco.

An Oceanic climate in Galicia and the coastal strip near the Bay of Biscay or
Bilbao. This area is often called Green Spain. And finally a Subtropical climate in Canary Islands. The Canary Islands and other parts of Spain are very warm and humid have palm trees and very beautiful beaches.

If you are thinking of moving to Spain to get out of the cold Canadian or North American weather then read on as this information may be just what you need.

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