Shuswap Lake

Shuswap Lake consists of four arms, forming a shape reminiscent of the letter H. The four arms are called Salmon Arm (southwest), Anstey Arm (northeast), Seymour Arm (north), and the main lake (west). Shuswap Lake connects to Little Shuswap Lake via the Little River, which flows from the end of the west arm.

To the north-west it is fed by the Adams River, which drains Adams Lake. Shuswap Lake connects to Mara Lake at the Sicamous Channel. The Shuswap River connects via Mara Lake. In the south-west the Salmon River flows into the lake at Salmon Arm. The Eagle River runs down from the Eagle Pass in the Monashees to enter the lake at Sicamous, in the east. The Seymour River empties into the northern end of the Seymour Arm. In addition to these rivers, numerous creeks feed the lake, including Scotch Creek, which runs south to the north shore of the main arm, near the community of the same name.

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Several parks are located on the shores of Shuswap Lake, including:

Shuswap Lake Provincial Park
Shuswap Lake Marine Provincial Park
Silver Beach Provincial Park
Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park (home of the Adams River Sockeye Run)
Cinnemousun Narrows Provincial Park (located at the center of the H)

Activities around Shushwap Lake include:

Boating, Jet Ski's and Houseboat rentals (Don't forget to obtain your boat operators license - It's the law!)

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