Crossing the Border with Nexus - RFID Technology

When travelling to the USA - Did you know that many folks can now cross the USA and Canadian border in under 10 seconds? Well most commuters have to spend several minutes or even hours others in the Nexus lane cross in far less time. Watch this video for information about the Nexus Program and RFID Chips.

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So what is Nexus? It is a cooperative customs and immigration program implemented by the USA and Canada to speed up border crossings by low risk frequent travelers.

The two governments collected a system that uses Intermec intelligent tag radio frequency identification or RFID technology. It works like this: Applicants to the program are fingerprinted, photographed, have a background check and personal interview. Those that pass are given a Nexus ID Card which looks similar to a credit card.

A tiny computer chip containing a reference number to a data base, is imbedded into the card, along with a tiny RFID antenna. The Nexus card holder presents the card to an RFID reader mounted a few feet in front of the custom agents booth. The information associated with the reference number is instantly displayed on a computer monitor inside the customs agent booth. If the photo displayed on the monitor is that of the driver and passengers, they are authorized to proceed.

This program has proven to be such great success, steps are being taken to implement the same intellitag RFID technology along the USA / Mexican border. The Nexus program is just one more example of RFID technology, and the use of RFID readers, and Rfid chips.

If you would like more information or would like to apply for your Nexus Identification. Visit their website Apply for Nexus.

Nexus Cardholders may use Nexus Lanes or the Border crossing Ready Lanes.

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